Saint Helena – Napa Valley’s Main Street

Napa Valley’s Main Street awaits you. From incredible dining options and amazing shopping to fantastic winery tours, your wine country vacation will be unforgettable when you visit Saint Helena, CA. Food and wine superstars such as Cindy Pawlcyn, Michael Chiarello and Christopher Kostow call this scenic hamlet home. Come stay awhile in the heart of Napa Valley. It’s home to some of the greatest … [Read more...]

Chardonnay in the Napa Valley

Chardonnay comes in so many variations, some people think it has become ambiguous. Instead, we see the versatility of Chardonnay as part of its huge success in America and the Napa Valley. Every tasting room pours at least one, and with all these different interpretations, it is easy for someone who hasn’t fallen in love with a Chardonnay yet to do just that. Served cold in the summertime, … [Read more...]

Napa Valley Zinfandel

Summer is a time for sunshine, pools and BBQ. Chilled white wines are great, but the red wine of summer is Zinfandel. Ranging from complex and food friendly, to high alcohol hedonistic wines ripe enough to be their own meal. California’s long and colorful history with Zinfandel is engaging and best told by the vintners in the Napa Valley.Freemark AbbeyFreemark Abbey’s history dates back to … [Read more...]

Your Napa Valley Wedding

These days the sky is the limit when it comes to weddings. The paradise that is Napa Valley caters to every whim for your wedding. From luxury minded elopements or simple ceremonies at a vineyard or private home at sunrise or sunset as well as more elaborate events at a resort or bed and breakfast garden there is something for everyone.Maybe you’ve been married to the love of your life for … [Read more...]

Bordeaux Blended Wine in the Napa Valley

There is no doubt that Cabernet Sauvignon is king in the Napa Valley. But the grape also lends character in blends with long time bottle-mates like Merlot and Cabernet Franc. The phrase ‘Bordeaux Style’ has risen from obscurity to describe this category of Cabernet dominant, but still blended wines. Even wines labeled Cabernet Sauvignon can contain substantial percentages of other blending grapes. … [Read more...]

Calistoga – at the Top of the Napa Valley

Hot springs, cool wines, warm welcome is the way of life in the northern most town in Napa Valley. Known for their world- famous geothermal hot springs pools, Calistoga is the place to go to relax, unwind and enjoy the best of wine country in a laid back atmosphere. Whatever your lodging tastes may be, from small B&Bs and hotels to hot springs resort and luxury lodging- every host will take … [Read more...]

Pinot Noir in the Napa Valley

Napa Valley is synonymous with Cabernet Sauvignon. As you visit tasting rooms and social events in these ever warming days, some like to reach out to a lighter red that is as floral as the spring itself, Pinot Noir. We find it interesting to look at how wineries exhibit grapes other than the bold Merlots, Zins and Syrahs famous around here. And although Pinot does grow in Napa, it tends to come … [Read more...]

Restaurants in Yountville

It’s not called the “gourmet mile” for nothing. Yountville is home to more Michelin starred restaurants and chefs per square mile than anywhere else in the world. Michelin or not, the food here is good. Memorably good. We introduce you to three of our favorites.Ad Hoc 6476 Washington St, Yountville, CA 94599 (707) 944-2487In September 2006, Chef Thomas Keller opened the doors to Ad Hoc, … [Read more...]

Sunshine in a glass – Sauvignon Blanc in the Napa Valley

The bright days of the changing season are here. The warmer weather calls for a wine that can keep its cool as the days get longer, and Sauvignon Blanc is a natural choice in the Napa Valley. Aged with minimal or no oak, the clean and refreshing nature of this varietal has the potential to compliment the crisp spring air. These shorter aging requirements lead to fresh wines that are released just … [Read more...]

Exploring the Napa Valley

Simply exploring Napa Valley can be an adventure in itself. Add another level to your adventure by exploring wine country via bike, hot air balloon or chauffeured in comfort and luxury. There are plenty of amazing ways to get around and companies who have dedicated their entire business to providing memorable transportation experiences. We’re in the business of making your vacation seamless and … [Read more...]