About Us

Napa Valley ConciergeMG Concierge, Destinations & Travel Agency is a Full Service “Luxury” company specializing in “Napa Valley”, the California Wine Country and the World. We are the “One Stop Shop” for Business or the Leisure Independent Traveler.

We have been in business since 2002 and lived in the heart of Napa Valley since 1996. We serve a broad range of clients from private or corporate groups (large or small) for special events, escapes or retreats; to individual travelers for personalized, leisure vacations and events.

Our skills and extensive resources focus on providing our clients with the highest level of personalized service. The approach with all of our clients is to “Custom Tailor” any part of or all of the vacation, group or special event to the specific wishes and requirements that you desire.

Napa Valley Concierge

As one of the best “Luxury” Travel, Meeting or Event Planning, Leisure Vacation, and Destination Management Companies in Napa Valley and the California Wine Country and the World, MG Concierge, Destinations & Travel has the influence, and more importantly, the resources to make your experience a most exciting and memorable one.

In Conclusion

Our business approach and our credentials have earned us the recognition as one of the leading, if not the leading, “Luxury” Travel Services in Napa Valley and the California Wine Country.