There is no charge for booking accommodations (we get the same or better price than you can get yourself, plus at many establishments, prices and/or amenities not available to the general public), although a finder’s fee (in advance) may apply for groups and special events; the establishments (at no extra cost to you) pay us. Please contact us before you book your lodging even if you do not use our other services.

For all itinerary and non-lodging services an hourly rate of $250.00/hr ($100.00/hr if you book your lodging through us) will be charged, at a one-hour minimum, upon completion and your approval. We pride ourselves on providing far more than our clients expectations.

We will charge an extra hourly rate (established by mutual agreement) for request to be personally “on site” to accompany and coordinate our client’s itinerary.

MG Concierge will hold all reservations with credit card given by client. Some lodging establishments require up front deposits for groups and individual rooms. Some service providers require a deposit payment in full before services rendered. Clients will receive confirmation numbers and/or letters and cancellation policies of each provider or establishment that has been reserved in their name. Many providers require a contract signed by our client for groups or personal services. It is our client’s responsibility to fulfill all payments.